ron buchheit

It has been Gilmer County Fire Rescue's desire to transition to a new and progressive medical director that specializes in Emergency Medical Services. We are excited to introduce Dr. Ron Buchheit, MD as our new Medical Director.

The primary role of a medical director is to approve an EMS protocols, provide medical oversight, assist with directing and facilitating training for the Department, provide guidance to EMS personnel, and keep EMS protocols up to date with changes in the medical field. Dr. Buchheit comes to us with a specialty in Emergency Medicine, Prehospital/Disaster Medicine, and Emergency Medical Services. He is the Medical Director for Erlanger's Prehospital and Disaster Medicine and serves as the Medical Director for Region 1 of the State Office of EMS, which includes Gilmer County. Dr. Buchheit also has extensive experience serving as a Medical Director for EMS agencies in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

With this new partnership, Gilmer County Fire Rescue is in the process of updating all EMS protocols to be aggressive and broad, allowing us to deliver the highest level of care for our community. The following benefits will be seen with this transition.

  • A hands-on Medical Director
  • In service training on ALS/BLS protocols
  • Updated and more aggressive protocols
  • Increased accountability for our paramedics
  • Updated training on ALS trending practices in the field
  • Improved quality and level of service to our community
  • A medical Director that will advocate for our employees
  • Review patient reports on critical calls (Quality Assurance Program)
  • Provide a neutral party regarding conflicts with local receiving hospitals
  • 24/7 access to the Medical Director for patient care and protocol questions